Cancelation „hep Challenge Heilbronn powered by Audi“ 2020

Dear athletes of Challenge Heilbronn,
more than 20 years ago we founded our owner-managed family event agency out of the love for endurance sports and created our dream job out of our hobby. Today, due to the actual circumstances and virtually out of nowhere, we face the possible shards of our living and write full of hope and confidence these by far most difficult lines of our life.
Many are struck by the current situation with Corona crisis and COVID-19 with full force. And you know that especially the event industry is facing a giant challenge that none had considered possible before. In our home state of Baden-Württemberg the current restrictions and prohibitions of events are formally valid until 15 June 2020 only, but after consultation with the responsible authorities a permit for our event date was not possible. Among other things, it can’t be guaranteed to supply the many volunteers as well as other important persons, especially paramedics and physicians. Additionally, the training possibilities for you are limited or non-existent respectively, and above all, the security and health of all persons concerned is highest priority for us.
After due consideration, a postponement to a later date this year wasn’t an option either. The risks and the general uncertainness would continue and an accumulation of many postponed events in autumn would lead to problems due to overlapping for you as participants and for our host colleagues, that have their regular traditional event date in autumn.